Addicted To My Heart Rate Monitor Watch Stats!

I have been working out for a long time and, honestly, I didn’t think that I needed a good heart rate monitor watch. My brother got one as a gift from his wife and I got intrigued by our stats during our runs that we do together. It was interesting […]

Finally Know The Distance I Run Thanks To A Great Fitness Tracker

I have been running regularly for about fifteen years now or so. I started doing some hard running workouts in high school and I have been really committed to running ever since then. It is amazing what you can achieve when you are committed to working out no matter what. […]

Walking Sticks Are Ideal For Challenging Myself Outdoors

Finding some new ways to challenge myself is awesome, and I enjoy finding some fun hikes to do. It is great to get some walking and hiking sticks online so that I can have the stability and the confidence that I need for my hikes. I have made it up […]

A Stainless Steel Water Bottle Is My Hydration Essential

I like having a handy water bottle that I can use when I am doing sports and when I am going out for my runs. I have been doing some hard runs for about fifteen years now and they have helped me to get to the fitness level I am […]

Quality Fitness Gear Gives Me Amazing Home Workouts

It is nice to find some great gear of the fitness kind that I can use to have some amazing workouts day in and day out. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and I don’t know what I would do without the workouts that I do […]

Powering Through My Trail Runs With A Hydration Backpack

My runs are a very important part of me staying in shape and I know that I wouldn’t be fit without them. It is awesome to find some great ways to power through my runs that I love to do in the wilderness. I like to do some trail running […]

Aviator Sunglasses Keep Me Looking Fabulous On My Walks

It is nice to go on some walks during the week and I love to go walking and to enjoy some time with friends or just to myself. It is important for me to do some walking on a regular basis and I can always find some great gear for […]

Walking And Toning With Adjustable Ankle Weights

I like to do some walking in addition to my regular workout routine to change it up a little bit and to get some great exercise in at a pace that is not nearly as grueling. I love to find some great ways to get the most from my walking […]