Walking With Walking Weights Is A Nice Way To Switch Up My Workout Routine

Getting some good walks in is a great way to refresh the body and the mind in today’s fast-paced world. I like to do some walking on the days when I am not doing my regular running workouts. I jog some really intense four-mile runs but I don’t do them every day. On the days that I am not doing my runs, I am doing some walking.

The walking is a great way for me to break out of my normal workout routine and it is a nice change of pace from my more intense workouts. I enjoy walking around the waterfront area of my city and around the beautiful parks that are right by my place. It is nice to walk with my boyfriend or just by myself and to enjoy getting some good refreshment in.

I found some great walking weights online that have been ideal for me to use on a regular basis. The weights are great for enjoying doing some walking while strengthening my body at the same time. The weights are comfortable and I can use them for my wrists or my ankles. They are a great way for me to add some intensity and to have a good walk that I feel great about.